Cash back on groceries


Have you been super frustrated with the quality of food that is represented in most coupon ads?  Very rarely will you ever find an ad that is not for a processed junk food.  Last month though, my opinion on this matter changed greatly when a friend of mine told me about an app on your phone that gives you rebates (real cash) back on grocery and household items.  The best part about about it is that there are even rebates for HEALTHY food like carrots, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, eggs, bread, etc. The app is called ibotta, and I have been absolutely thrilled with it so far!  I’ll show you how it works.

First you install the app on your phone. Once it is installed you open it and give them your zip so they can find your local stores.

There are lots of categories you could choose from for rebates, but we will focus on groceries today, so you click on the groceries option.


Then you will see a listing of several different store options.  Choose the store of your liking.  Whole Foods is even an option in my area.  I typically pick the store closest to my house though.  Make sure to browse the stores’ offers though because they aren’t all the same.  You may find something you like better at another place rather than your typical store.


Next you will see a long listing of offers that looks like this.  Scroll through and unlock the options that appeal to you. To unlock simply click the unlock pink words.







Look at all of those healthy food options!  Of course you could also choose some junk food if you wish, but I was very pleased with the real food represented that I never got with coupons.

You will be directed to another screen and will need to press unlock again.  You will likely have to watch a quick ad or view a recipe.  That’s how this app remains free.


Lastly, click on the green verify purchases button. You will be directed to scan your barcodes and take a picture of your receipt.  All of it is done on your phone and very easily.




If everything is approved, you will receive a rebate usually within a day.  After you receive $20 in rebates, you can cash out and have your money deposited into an account like paypal.

The best part about it is that you can also refer people and you both receive cash back. The referral program is really how I rack up and start saving money.  It’s totally free too, so it’s a win-win option for everyone.

More ways to save is if you use other apps like Checkout 51, Target Cartwheel, Saving Star, and traditional coupons, you can also stack these and redeem multiple offers on the same product.  Hopefully soon I will show you in detail how to do this.  I hope this was helpful and will start you on the path to racking up on some serious grocery savings!

Sign up!  I don’t think you’ll regret it!