A healthy budget meal plan using seasonal ingredients. Designed to be family friendly, easy, and budget-conscious. All dinner meals are gluten and dairy-free, with the exception of homemade pizza, two nights. Breakfast, lunch, and snack options included.

Meals included:
-Whole chicken and vegetables
-Smoked sausage and cabbage skillet
-Chicken and wild rice soup
-Vegetable curry
-BBQ meatballs
-Tomato and bacon pasta
-Beef stew
-Sheet pan honey and balsamic chicken with vegetables
-Mushroom, bacon, and kale frittata
-Chickpea and tomato soup
-Tuna cakes
-Vegetable beef soup
-Sheet pan salmon and broccoli
-Lentil and sweet potato soup
-Chicken tacos
-Ground beef kabobs
-Pancakes and eggs
-Pork chops with onions and mushrooms
-Bean burrito bowls
-Skillet chicken tenders, sweet potatoes and salad
-Pizza x2