I always find it helpful to see what other people eat on a regular basis, especially those on a budget and dealing with food allergies.  All of these meals are gluten free and dairy-free adaptable, and what we ate in a busy week a couple of weeks ago.  I bought all of these groceries at Aldi for well under $100 for our family of four.  

Not pictured are breakfasts (smoothies, eggs, sautéed veggies) and lunches (leftovers, snack plates, salads).  I think I’m also missing a couple of meals, but I can’t remember what they were.  Whoops.  

Chicken with bacon, peppers, and pineapple, green beans, and brown rice.  This was an especially quick meal, as the sauce came together just as quick as the noodles.

Rice pasta with shrimp, mushrooms, spinach

Broiled salmon, green beans, pineapple.  A super fast meal before church on a Wednesday night.

This is a horrible picture, but we had tacos this night.  I had forgotten to take a picture before we ate, so this is my husband’s mid-meal.  My daughter and I had ours dairy-free and heavy on the veggies.

Baked wings, apples, tangerines, cucumbers, carrots, and popcorn.  We watch a movie and try to have “fun food” on Friday night.  This particular night we watched E.T. and had finger foods.