Is your grocery bill out of control?

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  • Are you frustrated with your climbing grocery bill?

  • Are you wanting to eat well, but feel like healthy food is just too expensive?

  • Have you taken steps to transform your eating habits, but now you need help getting your food budget under control?

  • Do you need ideas for simple and tasty inexpensive real food meals?

  • Do you need help sourcing budget-friendly, healthy food?

You are not alone!

That is the exact same place I found myself a few years ago. I was overwhelmed with moving away from the Standard American Diet and overwhelmed with the amount of money that it cost to feed my family well. I had a fire lit inside of me to make this thing work because I was not going back to our old junk food days.

Once I finally got my food budget under control, I wanted to help others do the same, so I started making frugal real food meal plans for my blog. I was so blown away by the response from people that I knew I needed to create a product that had all of my money saving techniques in one place. I love offering the meal plans, but in my opinion, it’s more helpful to teach someone how to implement them themselves, which is why I created this ebook.

Now I am on a mission to pass on my life experience to others that may have been in the same boat as me struggling to put together the pieces of the budget and healthy food puzzle. It is my desire to help regular old families enjoy budget-friendly, family-friendly, healthy meals. 

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You will learn how to…

  • examine your current spending

  • create a realistic food budget for your family

  • stock your pantry with quality food

  • implement money saving techniques that will reduce your food costs

  • make simple low cost meals

  • swap expensive convenience food for inexpensive homemade alternatives

  • create a simple and frugal weekly meal plan

What’s inside?

  • Part 1:  Examining the budget

    In this section you will learn how to examine current spending, create a new budget with new tools.  

  • Part 2:  Money Saving Techniques

    In this section I walk you through fifteen money saving techniques and share with you 32 simple family-friendly recipes.

  • Part 3: Putting it all together

    In this last section you will learn how to make your own frugal meal plan.  I also provide a few seasonal sample meal plans to give you a start.

Are you ready to eat well, while spending less?

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