There’s one time of year that ham is abundant at our house, and that is after Christmas.  We have a large family, so much of the ham does get eaten, but there is still almost always leftovers.  After the obligatory ham sandwich the day after, I am always looking for new ways to re-purpose the meat.  It feels wasteful to not use it when there is such an abundance.  

Of course you could slice it and freeze it, but if you want to use some right away, or make a few dishes to freeze, I have compiled a list of yummy things to do with leftover ham.  Turn that ham into something new and different!

25 things to do with leftover ham

Scalloped potatoes with ham

Ham fried rice (use ham in place of chicken)

Macaroni and cheese with ham cubes


Fettuccine alfredo with ham

Lettuce salad with cubed ham

Scrambled eggs with ham

Panini sandwiches (try grilling a ham sandwich with cheese and pickles and mustard)

Ham salad (similar to chicken salad but with tiny chopped up ham)

Horseshoe sandwiches (Toast, ham, french fries, and cheese sauce)

Crepes stuffed with ham and cheese

Broccoli, ham and rice, casserole (Add chopped ham to this recipe)

Quesadillas with ham, peppers, cheese, and optional pineapple

Ham and beans (Add the ham bone or 1-2 cups of ham)

Egg casserole with ham (substitute the sausage for ham)

Chicken cordon bleu

Stuffed baked potatoes (bake potatoes and stuff them with ham, cheese, and broccoli

Potato soup with ham (sub ham instead of bacon)

Green beans with ham

Ham and cheese sandwich

Hash browns with ham

Hash with sweet potatoes, onions, Brussels sprouts, and diced ham

Ham and corn chowder

Ham pot pie (sub ham for chicken)

Hawaiian pizza