Stocking the freezer for breakfast

There is something incredibly satisfying about having your freezer stocked with nutritious food already cooked and ready to eat, especially when it comes to breakfast food.  I’m barely coherent in the morning, so the less I have to think, the better.  

I hear from so many moms that have a difficult time getting a hot breakfast into their kids because there is limited time in the mornings.  I completely understand that.  Mornings are rushed, but you don’t necessarily have to default to cold cereal or pop tarts.  I learned from my mother that with a little bit of forethought and preparation, the freezer is an great way to be armed with homemade convenience food at a fraction of the cost of the drive through or frozen store-bought options.

My favorite way to stock the freezer is to simply make a double batch of whatever I am already making on Saturday morning, so that it doesn’t take much extra time out of my already busy schedule.  If you have a larger chunk of time on a Saturday or Sunday, it will only take an hour or two to make a LOT of food.  Don’t feel paralyzed though by feeling like you need to do it all.  If you only choose one or two of these options, it will likely only take about 30 minutes to stock the freezer or fridge for the upcoming week.  

As a note, when I recommend flash freezing, I mean freezing on a parchment lined cookie sheet like the picture above, until they are hard and then putting in bags.  This prevents the food from sticking together while frozen, so you can grab just one at a time out of the bag.

11 Favorite Freezer Breakfasts

Pancakes and waffles

I’ve made pancake and waffles over the years.  Regular white or wheat flour, oat pancakes, grain free, low fat, low carb, etc.  You name it, I’ve tried it.  They are all good and I just switch them up depending on who I am making them for and what we have on hand.  This time I decided to try this recipe that can be used for both pancakes and waffles.  This batch was enough for me to make 8 square waffles and 10 pancakes.  Flash freeze on a parchment lined cookie sheet before placing in freezer bags to freeze permanently.  To reheat, pancakes can go in the microwave, toaster oven, oven, or toaster. I would put the waffles in an oven or toaster oven to crisp them back up.  


I like to season my own sausage to avoid MSG and other additives.  I like to keep pre-cooked sausage patties on hand to serve with pancakes or waffles, eggs, or on breakfast sandwiches.  If you follow a Paleo, Whole 30, or low-carb diet, these are great to have on hand for a quick breakfast protein source.  These also need to be flash frozen before placing in a freezer bag.  Recipe


Biscuits are a tasty treat to have on hand for sausage biscuits, a quick biscuits and gravy, a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, ham and egg sandwiches, or just with butter or honey.  They are not ideal for weightloss, but they are perfectly suitable in a real food diet, very tasty and the kids love them.  Flash freeze or make them into sandwiches and wrap individually in plastic wrap before placing in a freezer bag to freeze.

Recipe: Just the biscuit recipe

Breakfast burritos

Breakfast burritos are so versatile and can be filled with whatever tickles your fancy.  I filled these particular ones with scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, and sautéed peppers and onions.  You could use rice, beans, tomatoes, ham, bacon, spinach, or whatever you particularly like.  Tortilla options:  homemade, a clean store-bought brand, or low-carb.  Wrap each burrito in plastic wrap or aluminum foil before freezing.  Remove plastic wrap before reheating.  If using foil, you can put the entire thing in the oven and reheat while you are getting ready in the morning.  Take your hot breakfast on the go if you need to.

Smoothie packs

These are great to have on hand for breakfasts and afternoon snacks.  They are a super kid friendly way to consume a lot of produce and healthy fats.  Feel free to use whatever fruit you like.  When you are ready to eat, pour the frozen pack into a blender with your choice of liquid and blend.  I like to bump up the nutrition a bit more with collagen, probiotics, or any other goody I am trying to get into my children.


Low Carb Savory breakfast cookies

These are mainly for mama this week, but they are great grab and go options for everyone in the family.  They taste similar to an omelet and biscuit rolled into one. They can be reheated in the microwave, oven, or toaster oven.


Ham, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches

These are super simple to make and don’t require much up front cooking.  Take English muffins and fill them with ham, cheese, and top with cooked egg.  To get the round shape, try cooking the eggs inside a mason jar lid ring or a metal cookie cutter.  Wrap each sandwich in plastic wrap and freeze in a large freezer bag.  Remove plastic wrap before reheating.

French toast sticks

My kiddos adore French toast.  These are great to have on hand and so fun to dip.  Feel free to reduce the amount of sugar or use maple syrup to sweeten, and change the kind of bread to suit your family’s dietary needs.  Make sure to flash freeze these before putting them in a bag so they don’t stick together.


Oatmeal cups

If savory breakfasts aren’t your thing, try these oatmeal cups.  You basically make a big batch of oatmeal and then pour it into muffin tins to freeze.  You are left with little oatmeal pucks that you can reheat throughout the week.  If toppings are your thing, you can top them before or after freezing.  Think berries, pumpkin seeds, nuts, and more.



Banana muffins

Muffins are awesome in my book.  All different kinds are great for freezing:  blueberry, carrot, pumpkin, banana, and more.  My kids’ favorite is plain banana. No chunks, no nuts, just plain.  I use my banana bread recipe and just fill twelve muffin cups. I bake them at 350 for 15-20 minutes.  Flash freeze before placing in a large bag to freeze.


Breakfast biscuit muffins

Stuffed with egg, bacon, and cheese, these babies are so good. They were a favorite in my childhood, and still a favorite today.


Lemon breakfast cookie

Light and bright, these cookies are a great treat for everyone in the entire family.  Pair with a hard boiled egg, and you have a great grab and go breakfast.  Gluten free and nut free.



Do you have a favorite breakfast food that you like to keep on hand in the freezer?


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