We are serious about breakfast in our house.  You won’t find cereal or pop-tarts in our cabinets, not because we don’t like them, but there are just so many other better options.  Not only are they filled with an abundance of sugar and other undesirable processed ingredients, they just don’t cut it when it comes to providing great nutrition and fuel for my kids.

I can absolutely tell when they have had a junky breakfast if they are with someone else.  They get cranky easily.  They quickly hit a tired slump.  They don’t seem to think as fast.  They just aren’t themselves.  A healthy breakfast should be good brain food to start your day off on the right track.  I wanted to make a list of healthy and frugal real food breakfast ideas to keep us thinking about how we can feed our families well and not rely on the processed stand by options found in the boxes.  The best part about this list is that they don’t cost a lot of money either and can even be used for quick dinners.  Breakfast food is typically frugal by nature anyway, which is awesome on the pocket book.

Most of these are quick options suitable for everyday weekday breakfasts, while others take a bit more time and should be made on the weekends.  A great way to eat a substantial frugal breakfast all week long is to make many of these in advance and reheat throughout the week.  Pancakes, egg casserole, crepes, yogurt, oatmeal, banana bread, muffins, and breakfast burritos can all be made ahead and reheated.  It’s one last thing a busy family has to think about.

Frugal Real food Breakfast ideas

Peanut butter (natural:  peanuts and salt) on toast


Banana with peanut butter

Apple with peanut butter

Cottage cheese and fruit (buy fruit when on sale or grow in your back yard)

Hot cereal such as cream of wheat

Hard boiled eggs

sweet potato hash browns

Soaked Oatmeal


Toast and gravy:  for a more frugal option, omit sausage and use 3 T. reserved bacon drippings instead.

Pancakes:  You can sub whole wheat for the white flour if you like

Homemade yogurt with fruit (bananas or home grown fruit are the most frugal)

French Toast (make when you have homemade stale bread to use up):  eggs, milk, splash of vanilla, splash of maple syrup, cinnamon.  Dip bread in egg mixture and cook on buttered griddle.  Flip when brown.

Toast with melted cheddar cheese


Breakfast burritos:  whole wheat tortillas, scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, salsa if desired


Breakfast casserole:  can be made with less sausage if budget is tight

Egg sandwich:  one fried egg sandwiched between two pieces of bread

Eggs with salsa

Eggs with sautéed vegetables or leftover vegetables from previous dinner

Dutch baby

Egg in a hole:  cut a hole in a piece of bread.  Place the bread in a buttered skillet.  Add an egg to the hole.  When set, flip and cook on the other side.  Season with salt and pepper and enjoy!


Eggs and toast:  homemade bread (white or whole wheat) will be the most frugal

banana bread

oat muffins:  You can sub out the frozen fruit for another frugal addition if you desire.

rice with butter (sweetener and raisins optional)

Smoothies:  get fruit when on sale or freeze your homegrown berries

Hashbrown and cheese baked egg nests

Banana oatmeal breakfast cookies

A good mug of hot homemade broth with any of the above on the side


The best ideas are always in the comments from my readers.  What are your favorite frugal real food breakfast ideas? I’d love to hear from you!