Cheap vegetarian meals are a great way to stretch the grocery budget. All of these meatless recipes are family-friendly and use common ingredients.

cheap vegetarian meals

We are meat eaters in our home, but one money saving strategy that I like to use is to incorporate cheap vegetarian meals into our weekly meal plan. Why do we do this? I find that it gives us a break from meat heavy dishes, gets us out of our normal food ruts by providing variety, and greatly reduces our food costs.

Beans and lentils, grains, pastas, eggs, soups, potatoes, and ethnic foods are all included in this list. It’s important to me to share recipes that are family-friendly.  Yes, many of these recipes are heavy on vegetables, but I feel like they are done in a very kid-friendly manner.  Many of these vegetarian recipes are some of my family’s favorite dinner recipes, meatless or not.

Cheap Vegetarian Meals

Beans and lentils

Crispy black bean tacos, a cheap vegetarian meal

crispy black bean tacos

chickpea and spinach curry on a white plate beside a green towel

chickpea curry

close up of a bowl of slow cooker pinto beans

Southern slow cooker pinto beans

Black bean and corn enchiladas


Greek quinoa

Greek quinoa

Lentils and rice

lentils and rice

Pumpkin risotto. A delicious fall dinner.


Lemon broccoli pasta


Garden frittata


Slow cooker creamy tomato soup.

tomato soup (use vegetable broth) and grilled cheese

A ladle full of kale and white bean soup

kale and white bean soup

Slow cooker split pea soup

split pea soup (omit ham)

Broccoli cheddar soup from scratch. Made with wholesome ingredients.


Stuffed baked potatoes

More vegetarian recipes

What are your favorite cheap vegetarian meals? Share in the comments below!