Potato soup

The time has come.  The time has come, my friends. It's soup weather again, and my belly is so incredibly thankful. I

Potato soup2018-11-26T16:43:51+00:00

Maple roasted sweet potatoes

Looking for an easy fall side dish that packs a big flavor punch?  I've got a recipe for you today that will

Maple roasted sweet potatoes2018-11-15T12:14:32+00:00

Italian ground beef and cabbage skillet

Everyone needs an arsenal of easy recipes in their back pocket.  These types of recipes are ones that don't require much prep,

Italian ground beef and cabbage skillet2018-10-17T16:52:21+00:00

Best homemade fluffy pancakes

If you are using a boxed pancake mix, stop right now!  Pancakes from scratch are not difficult and can be made with

Best homemade fluffy pancakes2018-10-11T11:05:44+00:00

Roasted delicata squash

My answer to how to cook almost any vegetable is the two simple words: roast it.  Roasting vegetables is so easy, tasty,

Roasted delicata squash2018-10-11T10:30:36+00:00

Dirty rice

Dirty rice is a spicy flavorful Cajun dish that is inexpensive and down right delicious. My daughter, who doesn't care much for

Dirty rice2018-10-04T11:14:42+00:00

Oven baked bacon: Hands-free method

Oven baked bacon is my preferred way to make perfectly straight bacon. No standing over the stove.  No more curled up raw

Oven baked bacon: Hands-free method2019-01-10T19:50:19+00:00

Crispy black bean tacos

My family eats a fair amount of meat, but for budget purposes I like to keep a growing list of frugal

Crispy black bean tacos2018-09-13T14:23:27+00:00

Soaked whole wheat bread

Homemade bread....Whoah, Momma!  Just looking at that picture above makes my mouth water.  There's just something about a loaf of fresh warm

Soaked whole wheat bread2019-02-09T20:18:21+00:00

Homemade fish sticks

Do you have kids that you are trying to win over with real food? If green smoothies aren't winning them over, give

Homemade fish sticks2018-08-20T16:06:18+00:00
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